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YouTube Premium Vs. YouTube Music Premium, How to Choose?

Updated on: May 10, 2024
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YouTube offers two subscription options: YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. You might be wondering, what are they and how do they differ? In this post, we'll explain this in detail, so you can decide which one might be worth your money.

QUICK ANSWER: YouTube is known for videos, and YouTube Music is all about streaming music, much like Spotify. Both premium services allow subscribers to download content, watch or listen without ads, etc.
And yes, YouTube Premium is included with YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube Premium Vs. YouTube Music Premium

Part 1. What are YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium?

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is an upgraded version of YouTube, the largest video-sharing site managed by Google. Normally, YouTube is free but includes advertisements and lacks an offline play feature. With a YouTube Premium subscription, it lets you watch videos without ads, play videos in the background (useful for continuing to listen while using other apps or when your screen is off), and download videos for offline viewing.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Free

Price Individual Plan: $13.99⁠/⁠month
Family Plan: $22.99⁠/⁠month
Student Plan: $7.99⁠/⁠month
Watch Ad-free Videos yes no
Download Videos and Music yes no
Download Videos and Music yes no
Resume Watching Across Devices yes no
Set Queue to Watch the Next yes no
Included with YouTube Music Premium yes no
Watch Ad-free Videos yes no

What is YouTube Music Premium?

Another standalone subscription, YouTube Music Premium is a subscription level of YouTube Music. It's a platform dedicated to streaming music, focusing solely on music content, with higher quality. While you can use a YouTube Music Free account to enjoy music, upgrading to YouTube Music Premium offers more benefits - gain the ability to listen to millions of songs in better quality, play without ad interruptions, and more.

YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music Free

Price Individual Plan: $10.99⁠/⁠month
Family Plan: $16.99⁠/⁠month
Student Plan: $5.49⁠/⁠month
Audio Quality 256kbps maximum 128kbps maximum
Listen without Ads yes no
Download Music and Podcasts yes no
Listen in Background yes no
Playing Overseas yes no
Shuffle Downloads yes no

Part 2. Differences Between YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium?

After reviewing the explanation on YouTube Premium and YouTube and what benefit they offers, now let's look at the main differences between them. This will help you figure out which one is right for you.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Music Premium

Free Trial 1 ~ 6 Months 1 Month
Price Individual Plan: $13.99/month
Family Plan: $22.99/month
Student Plan: $7.99/month
Individual Plan: $10.99/month
Family Plan: $16.99/month
Student Plan: $5.49/month
Content Available All content within 2 platforms:
YouTube and YouTube Music
All content within 1 platform:
YouTube Music
Quality YouTube: 128kbps average; 1080P
YouTube Music: 48kbps ~ 256kbps
YouTube Music: 48kbps ~ 256kbps
Ads-Free yes yes
Download Offline yes yes
Background Play yes yes
Skip Content yes yes
Playing Overseas yes yes
Queue Content yes yes
YouTube Kids yes no

In simple terms, both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium remove ads from music, allow you to play music in the background, and download tunes.

The key differences are how much they cost and what you get. YouTube Premium is a little pricier, but covers everything - no ads on all YouTube videos plus everything from YouTube Music. It's like getting the whole YouTube ad-free experience along with all the music goodies.

Q: How to switch from YouTube Music Premium to YouTube Premium?

A: YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium are 2 standalone subscription plans. It's advised to wait until your current YouTube Music Premium subscription expires, then subscribe to YouTube Premium manually.

Part 3. Which One is Better, YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium?

YouTube Premium is the best option if you want everything. It lets you watch all kinds of music & videos without ads, play them in the background, and download them for later. While it costs a bit more, it's perfect for those who spend a lot of time on YouTube and enjoy both videos and music.

But if you're mostly about the music and don't care much for videos, YouTube Music Premium will save you some money and still give you what you need.

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Extra Tips: Download MP3s from YouTube Music & Save Forever

Is your YouTube Premium subscription about to expire, and you're not keen on renewing? We have a special recommendation for you - try the NoteBurner YouTube Music Downloader. It offers the capability to download MP3 tracks from both YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Music Free accounts.

This approach ensures that your YouTube Music library is downloaded and saved directly onto your device's local storage. Thus, you can keep your beloved music collection forever, regardless of whether you maintain your YouTube Music subscription or not.

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How to Download YouTube Music without Premium?

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The End

We've talked about what's different between YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. If you like watching YouTube videos and listening to music on YouTube Music, we suggest getting YouTube Premium. But, if music is all you care about, then YouTube Music Premium is probably better for you.

Also, there's a way to download YouTube Music to MP3 so that you can keep your stuff for good. This can be done using the NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter. It's a nice tool for all YouTube

Note: The free trial version of NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter allows you to convert the first 1 minute of each song. You can buy the full version to unlock this limitation and enable all its features.