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Best YouTube Music to M4A Converter - 10X Faster Speed!

Suggested Tool: NoteBurner YouTube Music to M4A Converter

 YouTube Music to M4A

NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter is a user-friendly tool designed for downloading high-quality audio from YouTube Music in M4A format. With a simple interface, users can easily add playlists, choose output settings, and start downloads with just a few clicks. Noteworthy is its support for multiple audio formats, including MP3, FLAC, and WAV, and more, providing users with flexibility.

Importantly, NoteBurner ensures that the 100% original sound quality of YouTube Music files is maintained throughout the conversion process. In essence, it's a highly recommended solution for those wanting hassle-free enjoyment of their favorite music on various devices.

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Features of NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter:
  • Convert YouTube Music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC.
  • Record songs from YouTube Music Free/Premium.
  • 10X faster speed & keep the original audio quality.
  • Support to retain ID3 meta tags.
  • No need to install any extra app.
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How to download YouTube Music as M4A files with NoteBurner?

Add YouTube Music Songs or Playlists

add YouTube songs to NoteBurner

Pick a playlist on YouTube Music web player window, then click "Add" to add your music files to the list.

Customize M4A Output Format

Set M4A Output Format

Go to the "Settings" window, and choose "AAC" or "ALAC" output format. You can also customize other output settings here.

Start Downloading

start conversion

Click "Convert" to download YouTube Music songs to M4A files. This will be finished soon.

YouTube Video: How to Download YouTube Music to Computer

What Is M4A? Is It Better Than MP3?

In fact, MP3 format is more commonly used than M4A. But why choose to download YouTube Music to M4A? What advantages does M4A offer?

M4A, which stands for MPEG-4 Audio, is a type of audio file. It's often used with Apple's iTunes and doesn't have any restrictions on how you can use it (like copy protection). It also uses AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) compression, which makes the audio sound good without taking up too much space.

So in terms of sound quality, M4A files typically offer superior audio quality compared to MP3, delivering a crisper and clearer experience. On the other hand, despite the enhanced sound quality, M4A files generally maintain smaller sizes compared to MP3.

If you really care about the best sound quality and saving space on your device, M4A must be your preferred option.

5 Quick Steps to Convert YouTube Music to MP3
5 Quick Steps to Convert YouTube Music to MP3

How to convert YouTube Music songs to MP3? Go to this page and you'll get the best YouTube Music Converter to help you download all YouTube playlists to MP3 on computer.

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Why Convert YouTube Music to M4A?

When you convert YouTube Music to M4A via NoteBurner, you get a bunch of cool benefits:

1. Better Sound: M4A makes sure your music from YouTube Music sounds really good, keeping it clear and crisp.

2. Saves Space: M4A doesn't take up too much space on your devices. You can have a lot of songs without running out of storage.

3. Offline Playback: After converting, you don't have to rely on internet streaming all the time. This is handy when the internet is slow or not available.

4. Use Everywhere: M4A frees your YouTube Music from being stuck on the service. You can enjoy your favorite songs on many different devices and apps without any restrictions.

5. Share Easily: .m4a files are simple to share with friends or move to different devices, making it easy to spread your favorite tunes.

6. Less Need for Streaming: With a backup of YouTube Music M4A library, you can even enjoy your music songs after the YouTube Premium subscription ends.

Download YouTube Music without Premium
Download YouTube Music without Premium

If you don't want to pay for YouTube Music Premium every month, but still want to listen to your music without internet. Here this page will help you how to download YouTube Music songs without Premium.

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Can I Convert YouTube Music to M4A on Mobiles?

When converting YouTube music to the M4A format on your Android or iPhone, one popular option is to use a third-party music converter such as NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter. However, it's worth noting that NoteBurner operates specifically on Windows or Mac computer systems only.

Fortunately, an alternative approach exists. You can download the desired YouTube Music content to your computer using NoteBurner tool. Once you've successfully converted the YouTube Music to M4A files, the next step is to connect your smartphone to the computer, and then transfer the M4A files to your mobile device.

Download YouTube Music to Android/iOS Mobile Phone
Download YouTube Music to Android/iOS Mobile Phone

You can either use YouTube Music mobile app or NoteBurner YouTube Music Downloader to download songs from YouTube Music to Android or iPhone device.

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Any Free Online YouTube to M4A Converters Available?

Yes, several free online websites allow you to convert YouTube videos to M4A format, for example,, YT1s,,, etc.

10+ Best FREE YouTube Music Downloaders
10+ Best FREE YouTube Music Downloaders

Looking for a free YouTube downloader to download tracks from your YouTube playlists? Come to this page and you should get the one fit your needs.

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These online YouTube audio converters are easy to use and won't cost you anything. Just copy the YouTube video link, paste it into the search box, and then you can download the M4A audio file.

Difference Between NoteBurner and Free YouTube to M4A Converter Online

The main difference is that NoteBurner specializes in downloading songs from YouTube Music, a dedicated music streaming service, while online YouTube converters are generally designed to extract audio from YouTube videos.

NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter

NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter

Online YouTube Music Converters

Online YouTube Music Converters

Price $14.95 Free
Support Source
Input Source All official songs and music videos
on YouTube Music.
All videos on YouTube.
Output Format MP3, AAC (M4A), FLAC,
MP3 and M4A typically
Max Quality 256kbps (Original Quality) 128kbps
Batch Download yes no
Keep ID3 Tags yes no

In a word, the decision between NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter and online YouTube audio converters depends on what you need, whether official YouTube Music songs or just the background music on YouTube videos.

If you have tons of YouTube Music songs that need to be downloaded as M4A files, it's highly recommended to use NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter. You will get your whole music library downloaded in a flash! Get amazing feats on a budget.

Note: The free trial version of NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter allows you to convert the first 1 minute of each song. You can buy the full version to unlock this limitation and enable all its features.