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TunePat Amazon Music Converter Review and Alternative

Updated on: July 24, 2024
Category: Amazon Music Tips

For music lovers looking for the ultimate experience, TunePat Amazon Music Converter is the way to go. It effortlessly converts Amazon Music tracks to a variety of formats, giving users access to high-quality Amazon songs and the original ID3 meta tags in a more free way.

How does TunePat Amazon Music Converter work? Is TunePat worth paying? What's the best alternative to TunePat Amazon Music Converter? Here this article will answer for you one by one.

TunePat Amazon Music Converter Review

Part 1. What is TunePat Amazon Music Converter?

TunePat Amazon Music Converter is an awesome on-demand streaming music downloading tool that allows users to download and convert Amazon Music to MP3, FLAC, or other formats. After the conversion process, you could easily store Amazon songs and albums either on local devices or cloud storage for future use. Besides that, you can enjoy your favorite songs even after the subscription ends.

Is TunePat Amazon Music Converter Free? Afraid it’s not. This tool currently is priced at 3 paid plans - $14.95 per month, $59.95 per year, and $129.9 for lifetime. With a paid license on TunePat, you can enjoy its full version and download a full version of music tracks from Amazon.

tunepat amazon music converter

1.1 Main Features of TunePat Amazon Music Converter

Convert Amazon Music to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC

The basic feature of TunePat Amazon Music Converter is to convert Prime Music and Music Unlimited to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC plain music format.

Keep Lossless Audio Quality and ID3 Tags

Using a unique downloading core, TunePat allows to preserve original sound quality from Amazon Music, up to HD sound quality can be retained. Besides, ID3 tags will be automatically kept after conversion.

Up to 10X Download Speed

After adding songs from its built-in Amazon Music web player, you can convert your selected tracks at up to 10X faster speed. The downloads will proceed in your computer background.

Support the Latest Windows & macOS System

Users who are running Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and macOS 10.15 - 14 computer systems can use this TunePat program easily.

1.2 How Does TunePat Amazon Music Converter Work?

Add Amazon Music to TunePat

Add amazon music

Launch the program and open a playlist within the app. On the right side, click the "Add" icon to add your Amazon playlist.

Choose Output Settings

check output format

Click the Settings icon to choose different output settings, like output format, output quality, output path, and so on.

Start Converting Amazon Music

start downloading

Hit the "Convert Now" button to start downloading songs from Amazon Music to your computer to play them offline.

1.3 Pros and Cons of TunePat Amazon Music Converter

From the above, you've known the main selling points of this TunePat Amazon Music downloader. But is it worth buying? Here're some pros and cons of it after our test.

  • 6 different output formats for converting Amazon Music.
  • Download songs, albums, and podcasts from Amazon.
  • Up to 10X conversion speed (depending on actual internet speed).
  • Keep up to Amazon Music HD quality, as well as ID3 tags.
  • Support to classify by artist/album, keep original music order.
  • Built with Amazon Music web player, no need to download extra apps.
  • No support to convert Amazon Music Ultra songs.
  • No support to choose and convert a single Amazon Music track.
  • Need to log into Amazon Music account within the program.

Though a lot of users have chosen TunePat to download Amazon Music songs to computer, some of them still find there's an obvious weakness - unable to download Amazon Music Ultra HD streams.

The good news is, here we've collected an excellent alternative, NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter, which is used to download Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited while keeping up to HD & Ultra HD quality automatically. Read on and we'll tell you the details of this program.

How to Download Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD Songs Offline
How to Download Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD Songs Offline

To download Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD content offline, it's suggested to use NoteBurner Amazon Music HD Downloader to export Amazon Music songs to computer locally

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Part 2. Alternative to TunePat Amazon Music Converter

If you're looking for an alternative to TunePat Amazon Music Converter, look no further! There're indeed a few Amazon Music converters on the block that provides similar music-downloading features, but the one you should never miss is NoteBurner Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD Downloader.

Different from its competitors, NoteBurner pays much attention to the needs of users and upgrades its music-downloading system. Till now, its Amazon Music Converter supports downloading all Amazon Music songs with no quality loss, even for the Amazon Music HD and Ultra HD titles.

Besides that, NoteBurner uses a totally different music-analyzing method, you can directly drag and drop the music, playlist, or podcast from Amazon Music app to it for reading. This makes it easy for anyone regardless of technical experience to add and convert their tunes quickly. If you want to learn more about the differences between TunePat and NoteBurner, just check the next part.

amazon music converter
Features of NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter:
  • Download Amazon Music songs/playlists/albums/podcasts
  • Convert Amazon songs to MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF/FLAC/ALAC
  • Up to 10X faster speed; keep Ultra HD audio quality
  • Keep ID3 tags & lyric after conversion
  • Highly compatible with the latest Amazon Music
Try It Free win Try It Free mac
$14.95 for a license & free upgrade
streaming music recorder

2.1 How to Use NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter

Choose Output Settings

choose output setting

On top right, click the Settings icon to make changes, like conversion mode, output format, output quality, and so on.

Drag & Drop Amazon Music

add amazon music

Simply drag and drop a music song, playlist, or podcast from the Amazon Music app to NoteBurner for adding.

Start Converting Amazon Music

start downloading

Next, simply click the "Convert" button to start downloading songs from Amazon Music for offline playback.

NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter Review
NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter Review

NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter is a powerful yet user-friendly music converting tool for all Amazon Music users, capable of downloading Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music to computer.

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Part 3. TunePat vs NoteBurner: Which is the Best?

In this part, we've listed the comparison of Amazon Music Converter between TunePat and NoteBurner.

NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter

NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter

TunePat Amazon Music Converter

TunePat Amazon Music Converter

Price $14.95/month $14.95/month
Supported Output Quality Standard (320 kbps), HD (850 kbps), and Ultra HD (3730 kbps) Standard (320 kbps), and HD (850 kbps)
Download Mode Amazon Record, Web Player Download and YouTube Download Web Player Download
Batch Download check check
Conversion Speed Up to 10X Up to 10X
Keep ID3 tags and Metadata check check
Classify by Artist/Album/Playlist check check
Keep Original Music Order check check
Free Toolbox Format Converter & ID3 Tags Editor N/A
Supported Languages 48 languages 48 languages
Supported Systems Windows & macOS Windows & macOS


From the above content, you should now learn more about TunePat Amazon Music Converter. It's a popular Amazon Music downloader that has a large user base. But if you're looking for an alternative to TunePat, we suggest to try out NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter.

This NoteBurner product could even retain the HD/Ultra HD sound quality from Amazon Music Unlimited, which is a better choice for those who pursue a higher music quality. What's more, NoteBurner gives you more possibilities to download your Amazon library in different download modes, increasing the conversion rate.

Note: The free trial version of NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter enables you to convert the first 1 minute of each song. You can unlock the time limitation by purchasing the full version.

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