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Spectre 007 Review: Is It Worth Watching?

James Bond returned to theaters for the 24th time and brought the box office roaring back to life with the release of Spectre. This time, Daniel Craig stars as James Bond again, who reprises this role for the fourth time. The film was released on 26 October 2015 in the United Kingdom, followed by a worldwide release. It released in the United States on 6 November 2015. And, ordering Spectre on iTunes now is available. This article will briefly review Spectre and tells you how to play the downloaded movie Spectre on TV for enjoying.

Spectre 007

Spectre Review - Is It Worth Watching?

Spectre, the latest 007 adventure, debuted to $73 million in US — a hefty figure and the second-highest debut in series history, but one that nevertheless trails the launch of Skyfall. Though Spectre has got such high box office, it hasn’t exactly received favorable reviews from critics or movie-goers. Some reviews have called it an absolute mess, with a few publications going so far as to call it the worst James Bond movie in years. Meanwhile, on Rotten Tomatoes, the film only has a 63% rating, far below the 93% rating Skyfall earned two years ago. With such negative review, people would wonder whether it is worth watching. The answer is yes! Why?

James Bond

>>It's a swaggering show of confidence from returning director Sam Mendes and his brilliant cinematographer. The film's color palette is so full of mouth-watering chocolates, coffees and creams that when the story moves to Rome, the city looks like a $300 million, fascist tiramisu.

---Review from Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

>>If this is to be Craig's last bow as 007 (the credits at least promise James Bond will return), he'll be remembered as the man who brought Ian Fleming's grit back to one of the great British film franchises.

---Review from Kim Newman, Empire

>>This fourth outing for Daniel Craig as James Bond is achingly cool, as sleek and powerful as the silver Aston Martin DB10 that races through the movie.

---Review from Kim Newman, Empire

Though there were bad reviews say that this movie is the worst 007 movie in 30 years, a film with this many 5-star reviews has got to be worth a watch for even the most tepid of Bond fans, whatever their nationality.

What do you need to play iTunes movie Spectre 007 on TV?

Want to remove DRM from iTunes movie Spectre thus to watch it freely on non-iDevices? Then you will need NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus (For Mac & For Windows). NoteBurner can perfectly remove DRM from iTunes movie Spectre and convert the M4V video to other regular formats supported by common TVs. Moreover, NoteBurner enable users to bypass DRM from iTunes movies with all subtitles and audio tracks preserved at 20X faster speed, at the same time to keep the original lossless quality.

The following is a detailed tutorial on how to convert iTunes movies Spectre to TV using NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus. Please download this useful tool on your Mac PC or Windows PC first before getting started.

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How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movie Spectre?

1: Import Spectre 007 to NoteBurner

Launch NoteBurner iTunes DRM Removal on your Windows or Mac PC, then click add movie button on the main interface to choose Spectre from iTunes library. Then, click "Add" to finish importing.

M4V Converter Plus

2: Choose Output Format

There are many formats available to choose. To ensure a faster speed, output format as "Same as source for mp4" or "Same as source for mov" is highly recommended, which enable you conver Spectre with all subtitles & 5.1 audio track preserved and 100% lossless quality kept. In this case, you can enjoy a better visual and aural experience.

 Choose Output Format

3: Remove DRM from Spectre

Click Convert button to start conversion. Before conversion, you can set output path as you want, if not, the converted movie Spectre will save in the default folder. When the conversion done, the output folder will open automatically.

4: Transfer the Converted Movie Spectre to TV

Find the converted movie on your computer and transfer it to TV. You can copy it to USB devices, if your TV supports USB port. Or you can also stream the converted movie to TV via Chromecast / Roku / Amazon Fire TV.

More Tips: Stream the converted video Spectre from PC to TV with Chromecast

This $35 gadget is simple and easy to use. Made by Google, the Chromecast is a dongle that plugs directly your television via an HDMI connection.

*Add Google Cast extension to your Chrome Browser. The Google Cast extension enables you to find and play content on your Chromecast device from your Chrome browser. Once installed, the Cast Extension is located in the upper right hand corner on the Chrome toolbar.

*Open a new tab in chrome browser and drag the converted iTunes movies or TV shows to the address bar. Chromecast will cast them to your TV. Google Cast supports the following media facilities and types.

Note: Both Mac users and Windows users can stream iTunes Movies with Chrome Browser.

What's next? Download NoteBurner iTunes DRM Video Converter now!

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