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Enjoy Disney Movie Zootopia on TV with Your Kids

Zootopia was released in worldwide, which has received critical acclaim. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 99% based on 148 reviews and an average rating of 8.1/10. And for the second weekend in a row, it was the top draw at the box office. Download Zootopia from iTunes and then enjoy this best Disney movie with your kids on TV. By the way, the song of Zootopia - Try everything is now available on Apple Music and iTunes.

1. Why Zootopia is worth watching? What can your kids learn from it?
2. What do you need to enjoy iTunes movie Zootopia on TV with your kids?
3. How to cast the converted video Zootopia from PC to TV with Chromecast?
4. Hear Shakira's 'Try Everything' from Disney's Zootopia

Why Zootopia is worth watching? What can your kids learn from it?

Zootopia is a city where various mammals live and thrive. Judy Hopps, the first rabbit to join the police force, discovers that it is tough to enforce the law. Determined to prove herself, Judy jumps at the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. Unfortunately, that means working with Nick Wilde, a wily fox who makes her job even harder. The film receives rave reviews. The critics consensus reads, "The brilliantly well-rounded Zootopia offers a thoughtful, inclusive message that's as rich and timely as its sumptuously state-of-the-art animation -- all while remaining fast and funny enough to keep younger viewers entertained." Let's explore together what can we or our kids learn from this Disney movie.

1. Anyone can make a difference, even you are a small bunny

Make differenceAs small as a bunny that she is, Judy Hopps braved society’s stigmas and stereotypes and became the the first bunny in the police force. Like the song Try Everything sings, "I won't give up no I won't give in, Til I reach the end and then I'll start again, No I won't leave I wanna try everything, I wanna try even though I could fail." As long as you are trying, you can make a difference.

2. Discrimination is dangerous

prejudice Prejudice can influence the whole life of people. The stereotyping based on appearance and 'biology' was a big theme in the film, and ultimately hints at race. In this movie, the Nick Wilde, as a fox, is supposed to be wily and nobody puts faith in him. This deeply hurts him and pushes him to be a real liar. So, please keep in mind, your discrimination may influence a people's life.

3. Everyone makes mistake, change starts with you

make mistakesJudy Hopps says: " Life's a little bit messy. We all make mistakes. No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you." So no matter what kind of person we are, we all have limitations. We all make mistakes. But, keep in mind to try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.

4. People do manipulate and lie, even seemingly innocence

prejudice Zootopia teaches you that even the most innocent, sweet-looking person in the world can tell lies and even be your worst nightmare, like Assistant Mayor Bellwether. You have to keep your eyes open to find who is telling lie. Do not judge a person with his appearance.

What do you need to enjoy iTunes movie Zootopia on TV with your kids?

Wanna enjoy the iTunes downloaded movies Zootopia on your big screen TV at home? Then you will need NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus (For Mac & For Windows). NoteBurner can perfectly remove DRM from iTunes movie Zootopia and convert the M4V video to other regular formats supported by common TVs. Moreover, NoteBurner enable users to kill DRM from iTunes movies with all subtitles and audio tracks preserved at 20X faster speed, at the same time to keep the original lossless quality.

The following is a detailed tutorial on how to convert iTunes movies Zootopia to TV using NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus. Please download this useful tool on your Mac PC or Windows PC first before getting started.

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How to Kill DRM from iTunes Movie Zootopia?

1: Import Zootopia to NoteBurner

Launch NoteBurner iTunes DRM Removal on your Windows or Mac PC, then click the Add Movies button either on the center or the top-left corner of the main interface to choose Zootopia from iTunes library.

M4V Converter Plus

2: Choose Output Format

There are many formats available to choose. To ensure a faster speed, output format as "Same as source for mp4" or "Same as source for mov" are highly recommended, which enables you convert Zootopia with all subtitles & 5.1 audio track preserved and 100% lossless quality kept. In this case, you can enjoy a better visual and aural experience.

 Choose Output Format

3: Remove DRM from Zootopia

Click Convert button to start conversion. Before conversion, you can set output path as you want, if not, the converted movie Zootopia will save in the default folder. When the conversion done, the output folder will open automatically.

4: Transfer the Converted Movie Zootopia to TV

Find the converted movie on your computer and transfer it to TV. You can copy it to USB devices, if your TV supports USB port. Or you can also stream the converted movie to TV via Chromecast / Roku / Amazon Fire TV.

Tips 1: How to cast the converted video Zootopia from PC to TV with Chromecast

This $35 gadget is simple and easy to use. Made by Google, the Chromecast is a dongle that plugs directly your television via an HDMI connection.

  • Add Google Cast extension to your Chrome Browser. The Google Cast extension enables you to find and play content on your Chromecast device from your Chrome browser. Once installed, the Cast Extension is located in the upper right hand corner on the Chrome toolbar.
  • Open a new tab in chrome browser and drag the converted iTunes movies or TV shows to the address bar. Chromecast will cast them to your TV. Google Cast supports the following media facilities and types.

Tips 2: Hear Shakira's 'Try Everything' from Disney's Zootopia

Shakira's new song from Zootopia, Try Everything, is an uplifting and inspirational tune that will definitely make you want to dance. We already have this line stuck in our head on repeat: ♫ I won't give up, no I won't give in till I reach the end, and then I'll start again ♫.

Try Everything is now available on Apple Music and iTunes. If you have subscribed Apple Music, you can download this song for offline listening. But Apple Music songs are DRM-locked, which will restrict you from enjoying the music everywhere. Time comes to use NoteBurer Apple Music Converter. This converter can help you kill DRM from Apple Music tracks and convert the M4P music to DRM-free MP3, FLAC or AAC. You can download this professional Apple Music Converter (For Mac | For Windows) to have a try.

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