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10 Best and Most Classical Christmas Movies

The most important festival – Christmas is coming! You must have wonderful ideas to celebrate this grand holiday. Here we sort out 10 best and the most classical Christmas movies to make you spend a warmhearted and merry Christmas. And we also provide the iTunes download links of these Christmas movies, so that you can check them more conveniently.

Merry Christmas

Elf NO. 1 Elf

Long, long ago, an orphanage boy Buddy climbed into Santa's bag and accidentally taken to the Santa Claus home on Arctic on Christmas Eve. Buddy was brought up by a Christmas elf, but he grew three times more than the elf. He accidentally found himself a human, and decided to leave for New York to find his family.

Must Have Reason: Santa Claus appears only in front of people who believe in him.

Home Alone No. 2 Home Alone

Kevin was not forgotten at home in this Christmas, but was forgotten in the airport, and accidentally boarded the flight to New York! This was his first time to come this completely unknown city, Kevin could't help but secretly afraid. But even worse, he actually met two stupid thieves who were absolutely skewered at Kevinʻs home. So this time, the battleground was moved from his home to New York's Central Park Hotels and Toys R Us!

Must Have Reason: Change a sad Christmas with your own efforts only.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas No. 3 How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The film was adapted from the legendary fairy tale. The corner of the Arctic Circle, it was not only Santa's hometown, but also "Christmas Geek" home. "Christmas Geek" and his dog Max lived with each other, and usually did not get out of the hole. A festive atmosphere of joy suddenly came from a valley of the town, it was Christmas coming! He stole all the gifts to destroy the Christmas atmosphere.

Must Have Reason: Christmas brings joy to all the children, and monster is no exception.

Jinle All the Way No. 4 Jingle All the Way

Howard Langston was a workaholic mattress salesman, who can't find time for his wife, Liz, and his 9-year-old son. After missing Jamie's karate class graduation, Howard resolved to redeem himself by fulfilling Jamie's ultimate Christmas wish: getting an action figure of Turbo-Man, a wildly popular children's TV superhero toy. Then he presented the coveted limited-edition Turbo-Man doll to his awed son mistakenly.

Must Have Reason: Playing Santa Claus, it is not only to meet the child's wish, but also allow adults to benefit from it.

Polar Express No. 5 The Polar Express

The Polar Express was adapted from a children's book. It told us a story about a small boy who always believed the existence of Santa Claus, but the adults and playmates around thought that this was only his naive wishful thinking. Christmas Eve, the little boy finally got a return from his insistance. He was invited to participate in the Arctic Christmas party on the train and began his Arctic carnival tour with many children.

Must Have Reason: In the fork of innocence and sophistication, only the choice of pure goodness will let you grow up healthily.

Rare Exports No. 6 Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

A year on Christmas, playwright Marko Leino received the most memorable phone call in his life. The one on the other said, hoping to tell the true story of his childhood and how to become a special character to the world. Later, Leino went to Lapland's Korvatunturi on Finland for a visit to a few Santa's home. He was convinced that the person who called him was the only Santa Claus. The film is about the story of Santa himself tells the story.

Must Have Reason: A film answers the children's doubts about Santa Claus.

Miracle on 34th Street No. 7 Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle of 34 Street told a story about Santa Claus. He worked hard to preserve Santa's existence and trusted in the good faith of mankind which can dispel things that occupy most of our lives, such as selfishness and greed. The existence of these things made people's lives become cold, full of fear. Mrs. Walker was one of them.

Must Have Reason: Only those who believe in Santa Claus will see miracles.

Love Actually No. 8 Love Actually

This was a 10-love-story channeling into the ultimate comedy Chowder. A touching story of the British love made the intersection of romantic, sweet, and humorous Christmas Eve. You would be dazzled and elated.

Must Have Reason: As long as we believe love, every day is Christmas.

Sleepless in Seattle No. 9 Sleepless in Seattle

The film told the story of the hero Sam lost his wife and became reluctant to marry and his son Jonah hoped to have a mother very much, so he found love for his father through the radio.

Must Have Reason: Capturing love at Christmas is the best gift. So find your Mrs Right on this Christmas!

The Nightmare before Christmas No. 10 The Nightmare before Christmas

It told the story of Jack Skellington, a resident from "Halloween Town" who stumbled through a portal to "Christmas Town" and decided to celebrate Christmas with the style of Halloween Town.

Must Have Reason: Give you a totally different Christmas, with scare and surprise.

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