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Product Reviews

  • Lorenzo



    I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter. It works like a charm! Even with the Windows store version of iTunes. Well done, and keep up the good work!

  • Brandon



    I just switched from iPhone to Galaxy S9 and I was afraid I was going to lose all my audiobooks. Thanks to your program, it saved me dozens of audiobooks that I purchased over my entire life. Easily thousands of dollars worth of audiobooks.

  • Jakki Knight 



    I have had a trial version of your product and was very impressed and liked it, but the only hiccup when I play my USB in the car the songs only last for 3 minutes as stated, but I have just bought the product and am hoping that if I download my songs again that the 3 minute rule will not apply as many songs I have are over 3 mins and would love to hear the whole song rather than just 3 mins worth.

  • Bob Baron



    It is exactly what I want. All my Apple Music song are in MP3 format now.

  • Dan Goode



    I have about 9700 songs on my iTunes, now all of them have been converted to common format, this must be one of the smoothest program ever.

  • Beau Dembroski



    Just writing to say how impressed I am that this software actually does what it purports to do.

  • John Loy



    I really love this program, it helps me a lot and I'm recommending it to my friends. It made life so much easier!

  • Dan Goode



    The process from start to finish with NoteBurner was great. The converter is so easy to use and they are great to deal with. I would suggest this to everyone. Great product congrats guys.

  • Lauren



    Just upgraded to the latest version, the new update has much better performance. Thank you, guys. NoteBurner is one of my favorite apps. 

  • twelve thirtyone



    Again thank you for producing the application. It allows me to transfer my Apple Music playlists to an SD card to play in my car which doesn’t have a Bluetooth audio option I’m satisfied with.

  • Danny Jenner



    Purchasing NoteBurner is the best decision I ever made, the program helps me convert all my Apple Music to MP3 format and enjoy on my car. Thanks a lot!

  • Bob Tommer



    Very useful program and good service. It performed conversions quickly and without errors.

  • Matthew



    Great software I like how simple it works it’s a very useful program.

  • Shlomo Tommer



    The new and improve version 3.xx of NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter does the job better than other alternatives on the market, mainly when handling large libraries. There are glitches here and there with new updates, but the guys are great on releasing fixed within a reasonable time-frame.

  • Vincent



    I purchased this Apple Music Converter some weeks ago. It was running very reliable and converts music from the Apple Music Store from M4P to MP3 very fast.

  • Siddharth Singh



    I’m listening to Apple Music on my iPod – amazing. This is awesome. Just converted 134 songs, no problem.

  • Richie Grossman



    I love NoteBurner. Hope it’s getting better and better.

  • Cooper Ray



    I have been a user of the NoteBurner Program for a while now and I absolutely love it!

  • Helen Yang



    I don't care where it comes from as long as it can convert my audiobook to mp3 format at 20X speed and is compatible with my Mac OS and the latest iTunes version.

  • Peter Scarlett



    I have had NoteBurner for some time and found it to be very satisfactory.

  • Zak Ridge



    It has been working wonderfully without a hitch and I even recommended your product to a couple friends of mine.

  • Daniel



    Your program is the best one available. It converts quickly, and adds the correct tags and album art correctly. The other programs I have tried are very inaccurate.

  • David Kirby



    First off, I really like your iTunes ripping application, it does pretty much exactly as it should and is operating really well! The interface for adding songs to the converters could use some prettying up though.

  • Jane Lewis



    It is a very very nice app. After using the trial software of iTunes DRM Audio Converter, I buy its license immediately, I need it, it has been my friend.

  • Austin Smith



    NoteBurner is so cool and it worked amazingly at first!

  • Scott Law



    I've been using your product for a little under a month and love the features of the DRM Audio Converter.

  • Henry Myers



    Hi I Payed for this software and converted an Applemusic Playlist and it worked perfectly.

  • Ameeta Kamath



    At the very outset may I convey to you my heartiest congratulations for coming up with a wonderful product as Itunes DRM Converter. I was at my wits end trying to get converted so that I could be played on different sources. But Alas! There seemed no way possible till i chanched upon you.  And now I can be played on computers, smart phones to any music systems and to think that my quality has not been comprised, gives me so much joy. Thank you noteburner for giving me this opportunity. And i am grateful to you and will remain so till my very end.

  • Louis-Simon Corriveau



    hi, all is working really well to convert ! I want really badly to buy this program.

  • D.j. Devestator




  • K M Bingham



    WOW! Incredible Customer Care, thank you so much. Your program is up & running as a charm. I'm really pleased I recommended this program to friends, who all have never had a problem, that should anything ever happen, they will get first-class service from you.

  • Brian Stolman



    Your new Itunes DRM Audio Converter works amazingly! It is so much faster converting the audio than the Macs, Amazing job guys!