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iTunes Best of 2014: Top Movies, TV Shows and Movie Rentals

best movies of iTunes 2014

iTunes Best Movies of 2014

Below is a list of the best movies in 2014 you can find to rent or buy and watch on your iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV. If you also want to enjoy your iTunes purchased and rented movies on non-Apple divices or TV, here you can find some useful tips you cannot miss as well.

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best tv shows of iTunes 2014

iTunes TV Shows of 2014

Countdown of the most popular top 10 TV full season purchases at Apple's iTunes store. To watch the TV shows you must not have Apple's iTunes player installed on your system. With iTunes M4V Converter, other media players can also be used for playback.

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best tv shows of itunes 2012

Best Cheap iTunes Rentals under $5

Renting movies from iTunes is easier and much more popular now. If you are wondering what to rent, here are Top 10 iTunes movies you shoulc check. What's more we have a useful tip for you: how to keep your rentals forever.

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best christmas movies of all time

The Best Recommended Christmas Movies of All Time

Now we're delivering the Best Christmas Movies to you! The list uses a weighted formula factoring a movie's Tomatometer score, number of reviews, and year of release. Now it's time to take a walk through the cinema winter wonderland that is Best Christmas Movies!

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iTunes Best of 2012: Movies, TV Shows, Music Albums and Audiobooks

best movies of iTunes 2012

iTunes Best Movies of 2012

An actor became a major star, while a director proved he's one of the best auteurs of our time. We were captivated by a touching discovery and blown away by a worldwide phenomenon.

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best tv shows of itunes 2012

Best TV Episodes of 2012 on iTunes

While our favorite show grew incredibly tense and veteran comedies evolved, we were surprised by newcomers that weren't only showing promise-they were already tremendous.

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best itunes music albums of 2012

Music Albums: iTunes Best of 2012

Stunning soul, inspiring Americana, artful indie rock...highly eclectic sounds comprise our choices for the best music of 2012.

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best audiobooks of itunes 2012

iTunes Audiobook Top Sellers of 2012

As the Fifty Shades phenomenon saw a new genre storm the charts, the innovation and interactivity in this year's Multi-Touch releases amazed us-as did these other spectacular books.

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